About Sandra Clever-Schwall, M.A.

Welcome to CleverLingua!

We are specialized in high-quality English and German language trainings with a focus on intercultural topics and affairs.

We love language and culture! Our trainings are more than just teaching a language. Our German language trainings are designed to teach our clients from abroad how to communicate easily and successfully in their German environment and how to become familiar with the German culture.

Mastering everyday errands, activities, events and conversations in Germany requires practice and ideally a native German with excellent English skills who you can consult for “everything German.” This can be your CleverLingua language and culture coach. Our trainings have a practical, real-life approach in a very personal and relaxing setting. The groups are small, we talk a lot, and we always have fun while learning German. Sometimes even „outside“ – on trips to local venues to master authentic interaction with Germans.

We enjoy the trainings with our clients to develop their communication skills and fluency in German in a variety of everday situations as well as doing training for specific purposes. Business people have the opportunity to work on mastery of their social, or interpersonal language skills which is a vital part of any business situation.

Clients who wish to learn more about topics such as local culture, socializing at events, and lifestyle in Germany are welcome to inquire about our exclusive “Cultural Workshops.“

The CleverLingua training facility is fully equipped with up-to-date materials and media technology in very comfortable and modern surroundings.

Enjoy our website and get inspired!

Sandra Clever-Schwall, M.A. CleverLingua